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Honolulu Tutoring Jobs

Great pay

Our tutors start at $30 per hour for face to face lessons, with built-in payment rate increases as you do more lessons with your students. Our most experienced tutors are earning $40+ per hour – three to four times what they would at a retail job!

Hawaii Tutoring Jobs


You choose when you want to work and have the freedom to accept or reject student opportunities when they come. No late nights or weekends (unless you want them). You are in complete control of your schedule and how much you work.

Oahu Tutoring Jobs


A job that will help you get the job. We’ll help you gain the skills and experience that will propel you forwards in your career. Plus you have the opportunity to support and mentor the students of Hawaii – what could be more rewarding than that!

We love our tutors!

We know that happy tutors result in happy students – so your happiness is our top priority.

Here’s why tutors choose to work with Honolulu Tutoring:

Honolulu Tutor Jobs

Full training and support

Even if you’ve never tutored before, our comprehensive training and support will help you walk into lessons with confidence! Our team is here to support you every step of the way, and our resource center is filled with thousands of textbooks, worksheets and lesson plans to make preparation easy. No experience required!

Honolulu Tutoring Jobs

Easy payments

Confirm each lesson in our online platform and you’ll be paid 24 hours later, direct to your bank account. No need to chase payments from parents or track your income – we handle all of that. You are engaged as a contractor – so we will help you juggle all taxes and planning around tax time. Less stress, more time to focus on your students.

Hawaii Tutoring Jobs

A future focus

We work hard to give you the skills and experience that will help you get the dream job when the opportunity comes. You’ll perfect your communication skills, time-management skills and become a stronger leader. These are the things that your future employer will look for – but can’t be taught at school or college!

Hawaii Tutor Jobs

Great community

With online and face-to-face events throughout the year, you’ll be able to connect with other tutors from around the islands. Your community is built into your online platform – so you can ask opinions on how to handle your students or tips on how best to engage them – and offer your own wisdom that you’ve gained.

Oahu Tutor Jobs

Work from home

Work in your neighborhood or from the comfort of home – you decide. We always try to keep you close to home – so when a student opportunity comes up near you we will show you exactly on a map where they are and how far from your home they live. If they are requesting online tutoring you will connect with them in our online classroom.

Oahu Tutoring Jobs

Be your own boss

Even though we are always here to support you, you get complete autonomy on how and when you work. You plan your lessons how you like and connect with the student how you like; no cookie-cutter workbooks or boring computer programs here. No bosses to report to or timecards to stamp – you are your own boss.

And so much more!

We pay our tutors a starting rate of $30 per hour for in-home lessons and $20 per hour for online lessons, with built in payment increases for every 10 lessons completed with a student up to 50 lessons. Full details will be provided in our tutor agreement.


  • I have loved my time tutoring with Honolulu Tutoring! It is the perfect job for a college student and I love getting to support students in my area.

  • Honolulu Tutoring is super supportive of its tutors, always ready to answer any questions or provide tips on how to run a lesson. A great place to work!

  • As a tutor working for Honolulu Tutoring, they treat you very well and ensure you are provided with opportunities to foster students’ learning.

  • The team at Honolulu Tutoring are incredible to work with. You never feel unsupported alongside their team. Great experience working with them.


What we look for:

Honolulu Tutoring Job

Proven Academic Success

Our tutors know their stuff. They don’t have to be the best in everything – but they are at the subject they specialize in.

They have proven success in these subjects – such as strong marks in High School, further study at college or working in their chosen field.

They also understand what it takes to be a great student and share this with their students – study tips, organizational skills and test strategies.

Honolulu Tutoring Jobs

World-Class Communication Skills

Knowing your stuff is important – but being able to communicate it is what makes a great tutor.

Our tutors are able to communicate complex ideas in simple ways, breaking them down so students can understand them in easy bites.

Their communication with parents, students and Honolulu Tutoring is excellent. Parents feel up to date on their child’s progress and they are quick to advise all involved if there are issues or concerns.

Hawaii Tutoring Jobs

Role-Model Material

Our tutors are bubbly, passionate and committed to the students in their care.

They love working with young people and want to see them perform at their best in every aspect of their life.

They lead by example. Their students look up to them. They have healthy relationships and big goals they are working towards. They leave every student feeling better about themselves after each lesson.

In addition, we require all tutors to:

✔️ Be residents of Hawaii

✔️ Complete a police background check in the state of Hawaii

✔️ Have completed High School

✔️ Be able to commit to their students for a minimum of 6 months

✔️ Have the ability to work in the USA

✔️ Be willing to work as a 1099 contractor

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