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In-Home or Online lessons when they suit you. Book online in under 3 minutes and we’ll have the perfect math tutor matched to your child in 48 hours.

Math Tutoring Hawaii


No contracts, minimum commitments or prepayments. Every lesson is tailored around your child’s unique needs – no packed classrooms or generic workbooks around here!

Hawaii Math Tutoring

Safety First

Every one of our tutors passes our triple security check: a face-to-face interview, double reference checks and a police background check. Your child is in safe hands!

#1 in Math Tutoring Hawaii

Connect with a local Hawaii math tutor at your house or online at a time that suits you!

With our expert math tutors, your child will grow in confidence, gain a love of learning and ultimately learn what they are truly capable of.

We have math tutors in all subjects and grades from Kindergarten to 12th grade, with specific support offered in private school entry and test preparation.

Our math tutors are role models and mentors, chosen not just for academic merit, but for their ability to inspire the young people they work with.

Honolulu Tutoring is Hawaii’s first choice for Math Tutoring Hawaii; equipping local math tutors to bring out the very best in the students they work with. Our lessons are fun and engaging for students of all ages; your child will look forward to every lesson!

Partnering with Honolulu Tutoring will bring you less stress, a happier home and more quality family time – and you’ll see your child flourish under the support of their tutor.


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Math Hawaii Tutoring
Hawaii Math Tutoring
Hawaii Math Tutor
Math Tutor Hawaii
Math Tutoring Hawaii

All subjects, All grades, All levels and abilities

Elementary School Tutoring Honolulu


Elementary school is all about foundations – and if those aren’t in place it can be really hard to keep growing later on.

Our elementary school tutors are specifically equipped to work with younger students; they are fun, bubbly, engaging and so good at what they do. We want your child to love every lesson they have!

Our elementary tutoring covers all core subjects: Writing, Reading and Math. Your tutor can also help with any school assigned homework or tasks they have to do, working as your partner in their education and giving you more quality family time.

Middle School Tutoring Hawaii

Middle School

This is where students start forming their own unique identity, so having a role model by their side can make such a huge difference.

A tutor from Honolulu Tutoring will offer your child all the academic and emotional support they need to navigate the middle-school years. This is why we love one-on-one learning – because it allows us to form real relationships with our students.

We offer support in all middle-school subjects. Your tutor can also help them prepare for exams and assessments, and ensure they are on top of any school-assigned homework.

High School Tutoring Honolulu

High School

At this point, the focus switches and students need to set their sights on what comes next. College? Full-Time work? There are endless options for a high schooler – and having a mentor will really help make this process of discovery easier.

A tutor offers more than just academic support – it is someone to help a student through the highs and lows of life. Our goal is not just that your child would do better at school – but that they would become the best version of themselves in life.

We offer tutoring in all High School subjects, including test preparation.


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The best math tutors in Hawaii

Hand-selected, trained and mentored to ensure only the highest quality math tutors are working with our students.

All our tutors are:

Hawaii math Tutors

Geniuses in their speciality

THEY KNOW THEIR STUFF! This is the first thing we look for – an expert-level understanding of the subjects they tutor.

In most cases they are pursuing their specialities further at college level or are working in a related field. Combine this natural subject knowledge with our accreditation and training, and you have the best tutors in Hawaii.

Hawaii math Tutoring

World-class communicators

Knowledge in a subject is only a small part of the job – being able to communicate it is what matters most!

Our tutors are experts at communicating complex ideas in simple ways. They turn those squiggles on the page into meaning and bring words to life. Communication is at the heart of what we do – keeping you and your family in the know.

Hawaii math Tutor

Role-model Material

This is what makes us unique: our tutors are chosen for their infectious personality that will bring out the best in your child.

This world needs more role-models. Good quality people that make the world a better place. These are our tutors – and they will become a mentor to your child, building a real authentic relationship with them. This is where the magic happens!

Every math tutor goes through our comprehensive training and is monitored closely to ensure that only the best work with Honolulu Tutoring. We will check in with you regularly to ensure lessons are producing the outcomes you seek, with all tutor feedback being used in our platform to match the right tutor to the right student.

When we confirm the first lesson with you, you’ll receive an email with a brief tutor profile for you to view and they’ll give you a call to introduce themselves.

The best test of any tutor is to meet them face-to-face – which is why your first lesson is covered by our 100% happiness guarantee, so if you don’t love your tutor it’s free (although we know you will!).


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The easiest booking process around

Here’s how it works:

Book a tutor

You book.

Book online in under 3 minutes or schedule a call with one of our education specialists. We want to learn as much as we can about your child and what has prompted you to reach out for a tutor.

Find a tutor

We match.

We work with our team to match the perfect local tutor to your child’s needs. We ensure the tutor aligns not just with academic requirements, but personality and interests too.

Meet a tutor

The magic happens.

We schedule in the first lesson and send you all the details you’ll need by SMS and email. The email will include a brief tutor profile and they will give you a call to introduce themselves.

In the first lesson, your tutor will do an assessment on your child to determine their unique strengths and weaknesses, then build a learning plan to work towards moving forwards. They will send you a copy of the assessment outcomes by email and share some goals that they will be working towards with your child.

We encourage weekly lessons for the best results – but ultimately the length, timing and frequency is up to you.

You are free to communicate openly and directly with your tutor about scheduling and timings. All payments will be through Honolulu Tutoring – details will be provided after the first lesson and only if you are happy to continue.

After every lesson you will receive feedback from your tutor by email, outlining what was covered and how your child responded in the lesson. Every 10 lessons your math tutor Hawaii will provide a detailed progress report, keeping you in the loop at all times!

Affordable Math Tutoring for Hawaii families:

All our lessons are one-on-one and face-to-face; either in-person or online at a time that suits you.


Anywhere, Anytime

In Your Home

In-Person Lessons

First lesson covered by our 100% happiness guarantee – if you aren’t happy after the first lesson it’s on us

No contracts, prepayments or hidden fees – the price you see above is what you will pay

The world’s easiest payment system – your payment information is stored securely and charged 24 hours after each lesson

No charge for missed lessons – just give your tutor at least 24 hours notice before a scheduled lesson



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Math Tutor Hawaii:

One-on-one support with expert math tutors from the comfort of home.

As a parent in Hawaii, nurturing our children’s education is a priority, and navigating the academic challenges they face is a shared concern. One subject that often proves challenging for students is mathematics. Amidst the breathtaking beauty of Hawaii, it’s crucial to ensure our children receive the academic support they need. This is where Honolulu Tutoring steps in, providing the essential assistance to make your child’s math journey a success.

In the unique educational landscape of Hawaii, where diversity and individual learning styles thrive, finding the right Hawaii math tutor is pivotal. Honolulu Tutoring understands the specific needs of our local students and offers a tailored approach to math education. Our tutors are not just educators; they are mentors committed to providing personalized attention to your child’s academic needs.

One of the standout features of Honolulu Tutoring is our commitment to understanding each student’s unique requirements. We recognize that the educational journey of each child is unique, and our math tutors in Hawaii are well-equipped to adapt their teaching methods to suit different learning styles. Whether your child is struggling with algebra, geometry, or calculus, our tutors can provide targeted assistance to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Honolulu Tutoring specializes in connecting local parents with experienced math tutors who can make a tangible difference in their child’s academic performance. With a focus on building confidence and competence in mathematics, our tutors guide students through challenging concepts, fostering a positive learning environment that encourages growth.

Choosing Honolulu Tutoring means entrusting your child’s math education to a reliable partner with a track record of success. Our tutors bring a wealth of experience, ensuring that your child receives the highest quality of education in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. We believe in not just helping students pass exams but in instilling a genuine love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

In Hawaii, where our children deserve the best education possible, Honolulu Tutoring stands as a beacon of support. Let us empower your child’s math journey, ensuring they not only conquer the complexities of the subject but also develop the skills and confidence needed for a bright academic future. With Honolulu Tutoring, your child can confidently embrace the world of mathematics and excel in their studies.


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Hawaii Math Tutoring
Hawaii Math Tutor
Math Tutoring Hawaii

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