Supporting your child falling behind in school

February 21, 2024
February 21, 2024 Honolulu Tutoring

Supporting your child falling behind in school

“Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, they make this world a beautiful garden.” Reflecting on these words, it’s clear that children, with their unique strengths and challenges, require a nurturing environment to thrive academically. However, what happens if your child appears to be wilting rather than blossoming in their educational journey? Honolulu Tutoring brings you a list of tips on supporting your child falling behind in school.

1. Understanding the signs

It is critical to recognize the signs that your child may be struggling academically, which often go beyond just grades. Perhaps you’ve noticed a decrease in their enthusiasm for school, a reluctance to discuss their day, or visible stress during homework time. These behavioral changes are important indicators that it’s time to investigate further. Engaging in an open, nonjudgmental conversation with your child can help shed light on their experiences and identify potential areas of difficulty. Remember that the goal is to understand, not to reprimand.

2. Identifying root causes

After you’ve identified the warning signs, the next step is to figure out what’s causing your child’s academic struggles. Is the distress caused by a specific subject, or are broader issues at play, such as learning differences, social challenges, or emotional distress? External factors, such as family changes or bullying, can also contribute to the problem. Understanding the root cause is critical for effectively addressing the issue, as it directs the approach to meeting your child’s needs.

3. Creating a supportive home environment

A supportive home environment is essential for your child’s academic success. This involves more than just providing physical resources for success, such as a quiet study area. It is about creating an atmosphere of encouragement and understanding. Celebrate efforts rather than just accomplishments, and demonstrate an interest in their learning process by engaging with the material alongside them. Remember, the goal is to boost their confidence and resilience by demonstrating that setbacks can be overcome through perseverance and support.

4. Collaborating with educators

Your child’s teachers are allies on this journey. Working closely with them can provide useful insights into your child’s academic performance and behavior at school. Teachers can provide specific information about where your child is struggling and may recommend strategies or resources that can assist. Furthermore, they can keep you updated on your child’s progress, allowing for timely interventions if necessary. Don’t be afraid to reach out and begin a constructive, ongoing conversation.

5. Exploring additional resources

Sometimes extra help outside of the classroom is required to help your child catch up and gain confidence in their abilities. This is where services like Honolulu Tutoring come in. Our experienced tutors specialize in identifying and addressing individual learning needs, providing personalized instruction that can make a significant difference. Whether it’s reinforcing foundational skills, developing effective study habits, or providing targeted assistance in a specific subject, the right tutor can help your child reach their full potential and reignite their passion for learning.


Watching your child struggle in school can be heartbreaking, but keep in mind that it is just a stumbling block, not the end of the road. With the proper support and strategies, your child can overcome these obstacles and emerge stronger. It is about providing a combination of understanding, encouragement, and practical assistance that is tailored to their specific needs. Remember that even a small step forward is a victory worth celebrating.

Supporting your child falling behind in school

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