Things you should do before getting your child a tutor

April 10, 2024
April 10, 2024 Honolulu Tutoring

Things you should do before getting your child a tutor

Many parents jump into hiring a tutor without proper preparation, leading to ineffective tutoring experiences and wasted resources. Without a clear understanding of the purpose and goals of tutoring, parents may struggle to find the right tutor or set realistic expectations for their child’s development. Furthermore, lack of preparation can lead to miscommunication among parents, tutors, and children, reducing the effectiveness of tutoring sessions. By addressing these concerns and taking proactive steps before hiring a tutor, parents can ensure their child’s tutoring experience is smoother and more successful. In this blog post, we listed the things you should do before getting your child a tutor.

1. Assess your child’s needs

Before seeking a tutor, evaluate your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Review their most recent report cards, standardized test scores, and teacher feedback to identify areas where they may require additional assistance. Consider meeting with your child’s teacher to gain more insight into their academic performance and learning style. Understanding your child’s needs allows you to narrow down the focus areas for tutoring and ensure that you’re addressing the right areas for improvement.

2. Clarify your goals

Before you contact potential tutors, clearly define your tutoring goals and expectations. Do you want to improve your child’s grades in a specific subject? Do you want them to gain confidence and study skills? Are you preparing for any upcoming standardized tests or entrance exams? By outlining your goals upfront, you can effectively communicate with potential tutors and find the best fit for your child’s needs. Setting realistic and achievable goals will also help you measure tutoring effectiveness and track your child’s progress over time.

3. Research potential tutors

Take the time to look up and evaluate potential tutors or tutoring services in your area. Consider qualifications, experience, teaching style, and availability. Seek recommendations from friends, family, or teachers, and read reviews or testimonials from previous customers. Set up initial consultations or interviews with prospective tutors to discuss your child’s needs, goals, and expectations. This will allow you to assess their compatibility and determine whether they are the best fit for your child’s learning needs.

4. Communicate with your child

Involve your child in the decision-making process and be open about your reasons for considering tutoring. Discuss their academic challenges and goals, and listen to their feedback and concerns. Emphasize that tutoring is a helpful resource that can help them succeed and overcome obstacles in their learning journey. By involving your child in the process, you can instill a sense of ownership and motivation, which will increase their engagement and investment in the tutoring experience.


Before hiring a tutor for your child, you should take proactive steps to ensure a successful tutoring experience. Assessing your child’s needs, clarifying your goals, researching potential tutors, and communicating openly with your child can all help lay the groundwork for effective academic support. Honolulu Tutoring is dedicated to helping your child reach their full potential by providing personalized tutoring services that are tailored to their specific needs. Start preparing for success today, and Honolulu Tutoring will help your child thrive academically.

Things you should do before getting your child a tutor

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